Why God, Why?

Have you ever thought, muttered or screamed this question? If you answer no I might say that you’re lying. We all have been there. If not for ourselves, then on behalf of someone else.

My family just went through a season of this. A few years ago, we went through a really tough time and lost one of our own. This last week, those same family members whose lives were rattled from our previous loss, got news of another diagnosis and unfortunately, after only a week, are now dealing with another huge loss. 

The first thing thought when we got this news was, ‘Why God? Why again? Why can’t we/they have a break?’

Over the years of having life hit harder than I’d ever choose, I’ve learned a different perspective that I’d like to share:

You know the grief or perhaps anger behind that question? God actually feels it too. Let me explain:

That pain you’re experiencing, it was never God’s intention for you to feel that.  He doesn’t want you to hurt. His plan was for us to live in perfect harmony, where death was not present. Of course, the argument might be, ‘Then why did he give us the option to screw things up?’ And yes, the typical ‘free will’ answer will be the response because a good God would never force his children to love him. That’s not love after all.

But in present day, you might complain about having to control that free will, or have self control, and live a certain way to be considered ‘Christian’ - but you want to live the way you want to live and hate feeling judged for it. See the conflict here?

Friends, I think we have this ALL wrong!

Yes, God gave us Free Will. Yes, Adam and Eve failed all of us (another blog post on how we like to blame them when chances are, you and I probably would’ve done the same thing)…might I add because of *lack of self control*. But God’s plan was for us to choose Him and to live free from death and pain, in perfect relationship with him.

When Eve ate that fruit, I bet you God said, ‘WHY EVE? WHY?’ Because this is where pain entered. This is when grief first met God’s heart and then shame first met mankind. Out of that shame, actions were shaped: covering up, hiding, isolating, blaming, lying, cheating…you get the picture. Those actions create further pain which affects us all.

Don’t you see the devil’s ploy in all this? Our lack of self control + his manipulation + shame + lying, cheating, hiding, etc = pain and accusing God. Wait…what? 

Here’s the thing - pardon my language - but shit happens. God hates it as much as you do if not more because he created you to live in perfect peace with him. So while we can definitely ask the question - let’s stop partnering with the accuser and start partnering with God when we ask it. Stop saying it in a ‘why are you causing this’ and start saying it in a way of, ‘why is our world so messed up? Why does it seem the devil has gained ground? How can I do something in my world to comfort those who mourn, pray for others in pain, show your unconditional love to those dealing with shame…?’

See the difference? Let me know your thoughts below.