Tayllor's Story: Rescued from myself...

One of the many reasons I love Instagram is simply because it allows me to connect with incredible people like Tayllor. I saw her post her story the other day and it gave me all the feels when I read it. I immediately commented to ask her if she’d want to share on Truly. Sure enough - she was all for it!

I am so grateful to people like Tayllor who see the value in sharing openly. It provides so many others with hope. Allow me to introduce to you, Tayllor’s story:

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I met Jesus when I was 13, weighed 50 lbs, and was contemplating ending my life.

I believed the lies that told me that I wasn’t enough, and that Jesus was this aloof being in the sky I would pray to before meals.

Anorexia gave me a shaky illusion of control when I felt so isolated and powerless. Until I couldn’t keep it up anymore.

In desperation, and quite reluctantly, I prayed for real for the first time. And by “prayed” I mean I screamed, swore, and cried at God, asking if He really existed, why would He have made a mistake by putting me in this world. I didn’t expect to get a response.

The most perfect peace and stillness came over me, and my angry tears turned to vulnerable ones as I experienced a tidal wave of grace. And as I cried, I heard someone else crying with me.

I saw a figure, who I knew to be Jesus, sobbing. Then he stood up and opened his arms wide as he said, “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been. I love you. And you can always come back to me.” I started eating again that same day, and my life completely changed.

Maybe this sounds crazy, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. But I believe in that Jesus I met that day years ago. He completely disrupted my life in the best way possible, and has continued to do so ever since. He showed me who I really am, that the search to be known and loved is over, and the journey to become all I’m meant to be in love has begun. And I believe that the way He embraced me in my hurt, anger and honesty is how He longs to embrace each and every one of you. I’d love for you to know Him like that. Because I know He’d really, really enjoy it.

Tayllor is a recovering people pleaser and writer by trade.
She’s working hard on her first novel about mental health, and relaunching her empowerment-focused jewelry business this winter. If she could tell you one thing right now, it would be: darkness never has the last word. She’d love to connect with you, so give her a shout at @heytayllor on Instagram.

WOW! What an incredible story. If you have any questions about how to know Jesus, an eating disorder you might be struggling with or even just questions about life and how to navigate the things that get thrown your way, please email us at thetrulymovement@gmail.com or find a counsellor in your area. We would be happy to recommend some in the Toronto area if you need! Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to do life with you!

Love, Abby