"He sells people..."

Friends, this story you are around to read came to me a few weeks ago from an incredibly brave soul. This one stirs up a lot of emotion. A LOT. It shoves reality in our face that, Yes, this happens here. Yes, this is a real story...and NO! We cannot ignore it! I'll leave it at that and let you read. Please share your love and encouragement in the comments as this dear one took a massive step in vulnerability. 

Love you all and so grateful for your support! Truly, Abby


Hi there! So I anonymously wanted to be “brave” today for the first time and let out some of my story. I pray it will inspire at least one other human. So a little about myself: I do social media for work...you know...one of ‘those people’.  On my Instagram and Youtube I am this “outgoing person with a normal life”. Behind the camera is where you will find that girl but in person I’m quiet, incredibly shy, and very kind...and apparently that’s not  always a good thing. I want to impact others and change the world in some magnificent way & I guess I have to start somewhere so I figured I’ll do it here, with this movement.

I’m going to just skip a lot of my story and start with this year just because honestly I’m scared...very scared to share too much. I’ll type as much as my mind & emotions will allow. So here goes. Deep breath…

I recently had a full break down and was put in the hospital for my safety. When I tried to tell someone what I’ve been holding in, I started hyperventilating and couldn’t form any types of words.  The room would spin and I wouldn’t be able to breathe or keep my eyes open. It was like I was dying a slow death while watching myself all in one.

While in the hospital I didn’t trust anything or anyone except two girls that were in rooms by mine. We stuck together and I comforted them. They shared their stories with me but I still couldn’t share mine with them, so I just did what I was used to doing: I listened to them. I offered support. Once I left, I felt like I had to hide more than I already was. So...that’s what I did! I got back on social media to continue pursuing my work like nothing had happened. I smiled and pretended like my real life wasn’t my life. Anyone else ever been there?

Some weeks later I had to have check ins and they asked me “has someone hurt you?”

I froze and just stared at her. Then I looked to the floor. I felt I had become someone else - an out of body experience - and I spoke words I never have before: 

“He sells people” I barely whispered...

That’s all I could say before I immediately went mute. The look on her face I will never forget it. She went on with follow up questions and then another lady entered the room with us. I started shaking and thinking, ‘omg what did I just do? Why did I just do this? What’s going to happen to me?’ My mind was going a million miles a minute. 

All I want to do is share the real me. The story of me without being so terrified but I’ll take small steps at a time.

It’s only the beginning and it’s so hard. My good days and bad days come without warning, so I have to take my moments hour by hour. One day I pray to share my story with my followers and people in my life, but until then I’m thankful I found The Truly Movement blog. I’m thankful I took this small step even though I’m still anonymous.

I hope someone who might read this knows you’re not alone that there are people out in the world who understand. People who will believe you and will listen to you when no one else cared to. Being abused is not ok. Being used as a thing to other humans is not ok. Being trained for that underground world is not okay. I know what it’s like to feel invisible and wonder why no one can see what you are going through. Just know that you are not alone. They might be good at controlling our minds with their evil tactics, but please trust me when I say someone will believe you. Find someone you can reach out to. 

It’s going to be ok...one day everything will be okay.