Carrie's Story

Hey friends! Abby here. Well I have to say, the momentum that is picking up from The Truly Movement is getting me quite excited. I am beyond humbled whenever I receive a message from someone saying, 'Here's my story...'

A few weeks ago, I posted a 'send me your story' request on Instagram. Shortly after I received a DM from a friend with the following. Take a read. I know you'll be blessed. Here is Carrie's story:

Terrified, terrified is what I felt when I would start to share my story. Terrified that I would be blamed for what happened, that I would be judged, that I would be told my story & what happened to me was “no big deal.”

Over the years you would think that it would get easier but it hasn’t. That terrified feeling sits in my stomach as I type.

I was 19 years old & so very naive. I was in a relationship that even on its best days were toxic & full of terror. I stayed out of fear, fear that no one would want me. Fear that I was all the things he was telling me I was. I was ugly, a loser, not worth his time, incapable of doing anything worth while. Every dream I had was crushed & I was told I couldn’t do it. Every time I felt joy, I was told I didn’t deserve it. I wasn’t good enough. The conversations would always end up with yelling & me cowering in fear. I stayed in that place for over a year.

Then one day, God whispered...”You are worth it, I died for you.” Instantly, I knew I needed to break free.

I made a clean break without looking back. The time that have followed those volatile years of emotional abuse & fear haven’t always been easy. I still struggle with the words, the fear & the panic I felt every day for those 18months from time to time. The difference is that I am overcoming those feelings. God reminds me I am worth it. That I am stronger. That I am his daughter, whom he loves & cherishes. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband who cherishes me, encourages me & reminds me I am a fighter.

What the enemy meant to destroy me has been redeemed by Jesus. I am more than a conqueror. God has showed me what those words mean & taught me to stand in victory. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel! And, I LOVE what you are doing with the Truly Movement...rising against the hurt, the challenges, the disappointments, the stereotypes or whatever holds you back & being truly who God made us to be❤️
— @4boysmama

Thank you Carrie. Thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable with us. It is SO valuable and is going to bring freedom to many. 

If you have a story to share, you can do so here. While we can't post absolutely everything, we can provide feedback, editing, encouragement or simply an outlet for you. Whatever you're going through, whatever the season, you ARE going to be okay. You are strong enough and you've got this! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.