About the Movement



We exist as an online platform for vulnerable storytelling, reducing the power of shame, as we build a community that serves to resurrect, redeem and restore identity in Jesus Christ. One of our desires is to advocate for the unheard voices and overlooked impact of sexual exploitation in our neighbourhoods.





The Beginning...

The Truly Movement was a God-breathed dream come to life. It was launched by Abby Paterson in early 2018. She started her blog after seeing how sharing her story had helped others who were walking similar journeys. 

The purpose of The Truly Movement is to encourage vulnerability and provide a supportive community for those walking through life's difficult times. We believe that when stories are shared with a healthy level of vulnerability, it provides freedom for others who feel alone in their journey.

Not only is this a place to read about other's journeys, but it is a safe place for you to share yours. You can submit your story to us for the purpose of simply sharing, or for sharing on our blog, or even write an anonymous letter to someone in your life. This would act as an outlet for you and way to process some things that might be more difficult to process. 

You are encouraged to BE TRULY YOU. Come as you are - in your mess, in your story wherever it's at and know you are not alone! You have a community here.